Student Laptop Info


Tibbetts Deployment Day…Wednesday, August 17th

Students will receive their laptops during their morning classes

Laptop User Agreement can be viewed at

Laptop Orientation Video can be viewed at this LINK

Laptop Padded Case (Highly Recommended as Display screens are fragile)

             If you have a padded case for the laptop please bring it on Laptop Deployment Day

            Model of laptop…MacBook Air 13” 2020 A2337

            Physical size of laptop is 12” x 8 1/2”

Charge Your Laptop Every Night (Chargers should be left at home)

Lost chargers and Cables replacements will be billed…$25 Adapter Block & $20 Cable

Most Common Damage on Laptops Caused by:

  • Broken Screens
    • Keep in a padded case when not being used
    • Do not put anything inside the laptop when closing the lid
  • Drops
    • Keep your laptop in a safe place (Not on floor, bed or any place it can easily be knocked off or stepped on, preferably away from small children and/or animals)
    • Laptops that are stored or used on the ground (dirt, grass, etc.) will most likely cause damage to the laptop 
    • Always ensure that laptop has proper airflow (Do not block the air vents and keep any small objects away from all air vents)
  • Spills
    • Keep all liquids away from your laptop

Cleaning Your Laptop

  • Completely power off your laptop (Shut down)
  • Gently wipe down the screen with Electronic Cleaning Wipe, or lightly damp rag. Make sure the rag will not drop any water when squeezed before using on computer.
  • Wipe carefully across the keyboard and the trackpad
  • Clean top and bottom of outside case

Report any problems with laptop to Tech-ER right away! (Within 2 days)