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Parents and families,

We've heard from you that with the increased time your child is spending online and a string of new social networks popping up almost daily, you want information that can help you navigate and support your child's healthy digital development.

That's why we are rolling out our Online Safety Hub, built to support this important need. The program includes these key elements:

Online Safety Hub

Our Online Safety Hub is a helpful website, full of resources containing the latest topics, trends, guides, and timely articles from digital wellness and online safety experts specifically focused on child development. You'll find:

  • Parent Guides to Apps
  • Cyberbullying
  • Tech guides - from SnapChat to TikTok, we've got you covered
  • Reviews of the latest apps/games
  • Setting Up Parental Controls, and more

Digital Wellness Webinars

Our Online Safety Hub includes live webinars by safety and digital wellness expert and provides parents with the opportunity to learn more about their child's online habits. Parents will find two options:

  • A "Hub Walkthrough," which lasts 30 minutes and shows parents exactly how to utilize the Hub as an ally on their digital parenting journey, or
  • A "Social Media, Games, and Online Safety," which lasts one hour and provides parents with the most current information and research-backed strategies for supporting their children in the online world.

Farmington Municipal Schools is committed to continually developing an atmosphere of trust among parents and the greater school community by providing not only a positive and enriching educational experience but a safe place for students to thrive as well. Our Online Safety Hub is part of that commitment. Take the time to check it out.