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  Why can't our students get in our cars at the corner?  Why do we have to pull so far up in the pick up line?
We ask that parents move as far forward as they can during pick up.  The reason is that 8-10 students can load in front of the building at a time.  When we have students load closer to the corner, only a few can get in which creates a couple of dangerous situations.  When people in the back of the line see that there is space in the front of the building, they often bypass the line making it hazardous for students crossing to the parking lot. The second reason is that we want to make sure our pick-up line does not extend into the highway.  Should the line extend into the highway and someone come up around the curve they may not be able to stop quickly enough causing a crash that could result in several cars being involved in the chain reaction.
 How do I find Tibbetts Official Facebook Page?
You can search for our page by entering FMSNM.Tibbetts
 What time are students released on Early Release Days?
Students are released at 1:30 pm on Early Release Mondays.
 What if I don't want my child to ride the bus on a specific day and I have forgotten to tell them?
We do not get messages to students, so please come to the school far enough in advance of the dismissal bell to check them out in the office. This will ensure that they don't get on the bus.
 How does Tibbetts handle bullying?
We take bullying very seriously. If a student is being bullied, we would like them to report it immediately. They can do this in the office or by sending Mr. Macsalka or Mrs. Hansen an email. We will investigate the situation and then follow Board Policy.
 What is the $4 entry fee for games used for?
This money is used to pay referees, gate attendants, scorekeepers, team supplies, uniforms, hospitality room supplies and tournament fees.