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School Supply List

Backpacks should be small enough to remain in lockers throughout the day.  Tibbetts encourages the use of small book bags to carry items between classes. Small book bags are available in the office.  Thank you

6th Grade
1 ½ inch ring binder
1   1 inch ring binder
5  3 prong folders
3  large boxes of Kleenex
1  boxes of colored pencils
1   pkg graph paper
1   pkg Crayola Markers
4   pkg of lined paper **
2   pkg pencils**
1    pencil pouch
3   Composition notebooks
1   ruler
1   3 pack glue sticks
1 pack of 4 dry erase markers

7th Grade
2  Composition notebooks
4  large boxes of Kleenex
3  boxes of colored pencils
3  packages of 3x5 index cards
3 packages of 5 section dividers
6  packages of note book paper  - college ruled**
2 packages of graph paper
1 package multi-color highlighters
2 packages of blue or black pens
2  red pens for editing
4 packages of Expo markers (for personal use)
1  2” binder
1 1 ½” binder
1 1” binder (White)
6 Sheet protectors
2  24 packages of #2 pencils**

8th Grade
2   composition notebooks
3    packages 100 count 3x5 index cards
1    2" 3 ring binder
2    packages 200 sheet loose leaf wide ruled notebook paper**
2    24  #2 lead pencils**
1    box of 24 colored pencils
2   packages of graph paper
4   boxes of Kleenex for the 1st hour teacher
1   package 8 dividers
1   package post-it notes (any size)
1   package highlighters
2   red pens
2   black dry erase markers

Geometry Students will also need:
Compass, protractor and straight edge

Recommended items:
Flash drive to save work
Ream of copy paper
Fine point expo markers

Plain black shorts (no shorter than 3” above the knee)
Gray t-shirt can be purchased from the PE department for $10.00.