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Student's attire should not disrupt the educational process. 

Please note the student dress code in the student handbook. (Text included below)

        In addition:
                Hats, hair nets, bandanas, sunglasses, gang attire, clothing depicting
                drugs, alcohol or tobacco products or inappropriate statements are not allowed.

Students may wear hoodies and flipflops if they do not disrupt instruction.  

Students will be asked to place oversized coats in lockers.

DRESS CODE as stated in the FMS District Student/Parent Handbook:

Principals and faculties are charged with the responsibility of requiring students to conform to the standards of society and best interest of the learning situation in student dress. The school has the right to regulate any student's attire if it creates a disturbance, is a distraction to learning, is of questionable decency and/or creates a health or safety hazard.

* Tank tops, muscle shirts, strapless tops, pajamas, and shirts with spaghetti straps are not allowed.  Bra straps are not allowed to show. Low cut clothing that exposes the chest or back is not allowed. The midriff must be covered standing or sitting. No undergarments are allowed to show. See-through clothing must have appropriate clothing underneath. Revealing clothing is not acceptable. Appropriate footwear must be worn.

* The hem of shorts, skirts and dresses must not be above the mid-thigh of the student.

* Students are not allowed to wear clothing that displays or refers to any illegal substance, alcoholic beverages, profane words, obscene gestures, or gang related apparel or that which might promote inappropriate behavior.

* Sunglasses, hats, and bandanas are not to be worn inside the building including the shop areas and the cafeteria.

* The administration reserves the right to ban such apparel that may be deemed gang related in the interest of campus security and safety. This would include excessively baggy pants. All clothes should fit in an appropriate manner. Pants should be worn between the naval and the top of the hip bone with proper support (belts, etc.). Clothing that is too tight is also inappropriate.  No accessories that might cause injury to other students such as chains, wallets on chains, or bands with spikes are allowed.

Consistent with general policies of this district, primary responsibility for proper attire of students rests with parents/guardians.

Students found to be in violation may be required to arrange for a change of clothing. If a problem persists further, disciplinary action may be taken. The apparel in violation may be confiscated until a parent or guardian picks the item up from the office.